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Tortillas and Grilled Chicken

The strength Athlete's Guide

to sports nutrition for optimum athletic performance 

Let me guess, you are here because...


You feel like your workouts suck

You have no clue what you should be eating and when

You haven't hit any PRs in what feels like forever

You wonder what the best way is to fuel your workouts

You question whether the supps you take are useful 

but, what you want is...

To learn what foods to eat for better workouts

PR your lifts more consistently

Take supplements worth spending your money on

Have enough knowledge to tweak your nutrition on the fly 

Well, say no more, because i gotchu...

This guide was made with the strength athlete in mind, because, I too, have been in your shoes. The strength athlete's guide offers the top 3 things that differentiates nutrition for the everyday gym-goer, from nutrition for the strength athlete. Your nutrition needs as a strength athlete are unique, and you should be guided by someone that wholeheartedly understands your struggles. So without further ado...

In this free guide you will learn:

What foods to eat and when (to improve the quality of your workouts and help you meet your physique goals)

If you need intra-workout nutrition (and how it fuels your workouts)

Which supplements will help your workouts (that are scientifically backed!)

Just drop your email below to receive your download 
Meet Your Coach

Francesca went from being out of shape, never having stepped foot inside a gym, and having zero knowledge about nutrition...

To becoming a powerlifter, nutrition coach, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

Now she teaches other strength athletes how to improve their athletic performance by utilizing proper nutrition and well researched supplements

Francesca Tyndall, MS, CISSN, RP CNC-L1

Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, Lover-of-food

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