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The Pocket Coach membership

a nutrition coach in your back pocket

📣 Calling all powerlifters, weightlifters, and strongman athletes... 📣

It’s time to STOP beating around the bush. By now, you know that nutrition and recovery are what will make or break you in your sport.  Because let’s face it, EVERYONE is putting in the time to train and to become their best. So what do YOU have that your competition doesn’t? What is going to give you that athletic EDGE?


Well my friends... it boils down to how you are living your life outside the gym walls

BUT…where in the hell do you even start?? With SO much information out there, it’s hard to decipher what is accurate and what isn’t. 
And you may be thinking: “What should my diet look like?” “Should I be eating right after the gym?” “What if I have a busy schedule and I can’t eat when I should be?” “Will eating outside the anabolic window ruin my gains?” “Should I be doing an intra-workout shake?” “How should I be recovering from my workouts?” 🤯🤯🤯
If only it were as easy as having a nutrition coach on retainer. One you could reach out to when all these questions swarm around in your head, but you have no idea where to start looking for the answer….

Well...The Pocket Coach Membership was created for just that purpose!


When you join The Pocket Coach Membership, not only will you have unlimited access to a nutrition coach you can always call on, but you will also receive:


✅ A macro calculator and adjuster that is on par with scientific calculators like RP Strength


✅ A thorough initial diet analysis with recommendations based on your goals


✅ Monthly group coaching calls to get guidance on your struggles and get support from fellow athletes


✅ A community group that is ready to support you no matter where you’re at in your journey

Getting nutrition and recovery guidance DOESN’T have to be that hard. You should be able to have the answers at your fingertips. And with The Pocket Coach Membership, you CAN have just THAT!

Meet Your Coach

Francesca went from being out of shape, never having stepped foot inside a gym, and having zero knowledge about nutrition...

To becoming a powerlifter, nutrition coach, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

Now she teaches other strength athletes how to improve their athletic performance by utilizing proper nutrition and well researched supplements

Francesca Tyndall, MS, CISSN, RP CNC-L1, PN1-NC

Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, Lover-of-food

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