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Mere Nutrition Macro Friendly Recipes

Mere Nutrition Macro Friendly Recipes


Do you ever find yourself asking "What's for dinner?" Or worse yet...being ASKED that question while you frantically raid your pantry trying to put something together that's "healthy"? Well this is something you no longer have to worry about with the Mere Nutrition Macro Friendly Recipes! 


This e-book will have you falling in love with cooking again! With recipes such as burgers, pizza, french toast, and home made ramen, you are sure to find a hit in this compilation of yummy recipes!


What's even more awesome is that when you buy this e-book, you will get an updated version every 3 months with an additional 3-4 recipes, for FREE!


Plus, for a price that is less than what you'd pay for a meal out, what do you have to lose??

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