apply to be a beta tester

for the Sports Nutrition Academy online course for strength athletes

Why an application??

I am looking for beta testers with a wide variety of sports nutrition knowledge to provide feedback on the course to ensure that strength athletes of all knowledge levels will benefit from the course curriculum. By implementing an application process, I can make sure that beta testers span the width of strength athletes from beginner to elite. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for the Sports Nutrition Academy, simply fill out the form below! 

Meet Your Coach

Francesca went from being out of shape, never having stepped foot inside a gym, and having zero knowledge about nutrition...

To becoming a powerlifter, nutrition coach, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

Now she teaches other strength athletes how to optimize their athletic performance by utilizing proper nutrition and well researched supplements

Francesca CAmpos, MS, CISSN

Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, Lover-of-food