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Sports nutrition academy™

the powerlifter's online course on how to utilize nutrition to get strong, increase energy, and perform their best

If you are currently working towards...  

Lifting more weight

Gaining more muscle 

Improving your energy

Putting up a big total for an upcoming competition

But You are struggling with...

Your lifts not progressing/improving

Having little to no energy in the gym

Not knowing what supplements to take

Not recovering between lifting sessions 

Your nutrition could be to blame!

enter the perfect solution...

course thumbnails.png

A done-for-you nutrition course outlining everything you need to know to improve your energy, get strong, and perform better

course thumbnails.png

and you may be wondering...

  • How is this course different than other nutrition courses?

  • Will I receive actual coaching with this course?

  • How can I implement what I learn?

  • What if I don't understand a certain topic?

  • Will improving my nutrition really make an impact in my lifting?

  • How will I know if I'm eating the right things? Or the right amounts?

...Well, i'm so glad you asked! Here is what you can expect:

  • Learn the mindset shift that needs to occur to achieve your goals

  • Learn basic nutrition and hydration principles

  • Learn how to properly cut, bulk, and maintain

  • Learn how to properly set, adjust and track macros

  • Learn which supplements you should be taking

  • Learn how to prep for a competition (nutrition-wise)

  • Learn how to properly recover from your gym sessions

  • Snag my macro friendly recipes

  • Implement what you learn with action steps for each lesson

and most importantly, seek out coaching from your coach (that's me!) through the community group at any time!

speaking of Your Coach...

Hi there! I'm Francesca, creator of Sports Nutrition Academy™ and your Certified Sports Nutrition coach throughout SNA and beyond.

I use to be in your shoes. Eating crappy foods, not paying attention to how much I was eating, low energy on the daily, unsure of what the term "sports nutrition" meant, much less what macros were.

Francesca Tyndall, MS, CISSN,


I spent 24 months of my life, and $18,000 to learn how athletes should be spending their time outside of training, and how to help them achieve their physical and performance goals through nutrition and supplements. 

Now I teach other strength athletes how to properly fuel their bodies for performance and recovery via an easy, step-by-step online course. But don't take my word for it...see what others are saying...

Mike B.

Anyone can benefit from this course. At the minimum it's a great refresher, and you are absolutely certain to learn lots of small things you didn't know! I wish I had this course like 10 years ago. I could have taken my diet much more seriously and more structured. If you don't have a serious understanding in nutrition, you need this course.


Icee G.
Sports Nutrition Coach

This course is definitely not like any “nutrition course” out there. It provides such valuable & detailed information delivered in a way to where even someone who has no background on nutrition can easily understand and digest. It’s not only just about knowing your macros & hitting it. It goes way beyond that. After going through this course, you’ll be a more equipped athlete.


Mackenzie A.

I think this course solves the problem of not knowing the most important things to focus on when the goal is to perform as well as possible in the gym. The outcomes of this course would be that people are empowered to make educated and evidence based changes to their nutrition, which will positively impact their gym performance and make them into better athletes who can trust that they will see the results they have been hoping for.


what athletes are saying about sports nutrition academy

Ready to be empowered?

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