Vegan Pie

Sports nutrition academy

a strength athlete's course on how to utilize nutrition to optimize athletic performance

In this self-paced course you will learn:

How to set goals and overcome barriers

Whether you should cut, maintain, or bulk

How to set macros

How to adjust macros

How to track your progress

How to determine how much water you should be drinking

What foods to eat when, to get the most out of your workouts

Intra-workout nutrition

Ergogenic aids that actually work


Nutrition before, during, and after a meet

Nutrition while traveling

Off season nutrition

Refeeds and reverse dieting


Easy macro friendly recipes

Ongoing support and community group

Weekly live group trainings (only available with the coaching option)

Meet Your Coach

Francesca went from being out of shape, never having stepped foot inside a gym, and having zero knowledge about nutrition...

To becoming a powerlifter, nutrition coach, and Certified Sports Nutritionist

Now she teaches other strength athletes how to optimize their athletic performance by utilizing proper nutrition and well researched ergogenic aids

Francesca CAmpos, MS, CISSN

Certified Sports Nutritionist, Nutrition Coach, Lover-of-food

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