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6 Diet Tips for Staying on Track While Traveling

It is some point in your life, you will find yourself on the road. Whether it be a vacation or a quick getaway, you will need to figure out how to stay on track with your diet while you are away from home. In this article, I will share with you 6 diet tips that will keep your diet on track while you are traveling.

1. The Type of Hotel Matters

The type of hotel room you stay in can make all the difference in staying on track. If you have the choice to pick your hotel room, choose one that has a kitchen and a fridge. Having these two things in your hotel room will give you the freedom to pretty much eat whatever you would like. All you would need to do is a little grocery shopping. Having access to a kitchen will deter you from going out to restaurants for your meals, and having a fridge makes it convenient to store any left overs. This can definitely make or break your diet while traveling.

2. Snacks

Packing snacks for the road is essential to prevent being hangry. No body wants to travel with a diva. Snacks such as unsalted mixed nuts, protein bars, fruits and vegetables are great to pack on the go. Having healthy snacks will prevent you from stopping at fast food joints and making unhealthy food decisions.

3. Eat Lean Meats

It is very easy to eat all your daily fats in one sitting. One way to minimize fat intake is to eat lean meats. This includes fish, chicken, and lean cuts of beef. Being mindful about your fat intake will optimize your weight loss.

4. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is key when traveling. It is very common to become dehydrated while traveling. Having your daily dose of water will keep you feeling fresh and energized. Water not only flushes toxins out of your body, but also helps shed some unwanted weight. Aim to drink about 30 ml per kilo of body weight daily.

5. Hand Portion Guide

Being on the road makes it rather difficult to measure out your food. But don't fret; you don't have to ruin all that progress you have made. Using this hand portion guide will make it easy to control your portion sizes. The hand portion guide is a great tool because you always have it everywhere you go, and it is scaled to your body size! Give it a go next time you are without your nutrition scale.

6. Don't Stress

Lastly, don't stress. Being stressed releases the same hormones that are involved in weight gain. Relax and enjoy your trip. Even if you indulge while you are away, that is OK. You deserve it. As long as you are on track with your nutrition 90% of the time, you can afford to enjoy yourself the other 10% without ruining your progress.

Do you have any diet tips you swear by when you travel? Please share them below!

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